About our products and what we do

Why Western Red Cedar ?

We use select Western Red Cedar in the construction of our surrounds and accessories for its aesthetics and for a number of the same reasons Western Red Cedar is the preferred timber used in exterior settings such as siding and decking. It is naturally resistant to weather and weather fluctuations and is considered/rated in fact the highest in stability among all the softwoods including all the other species of Cedar and even Redwood.  We purchase Western Red Cedar from and produced at our local Northwest  sawmills from sustainable forests as far as the eye can see and beyond. It smells good too ! Also all components of our surrounds and more are constructed with screws for many years of lasting durability ! 

Our Western Red Cedar products are available in:
Redwood tone, Natural tone and Coastal Gray.
We will consider and use other colors per request.

Low Maintenance, Poly Wicker/ Cedar and Hybrid type surrounds ?

Our Poly Wicker/ Cedar surrounds and accessories will maintain a clean 
sharp appearance for many years in any exterior application ! All the top 
surface areas are faced with a very durable Poly Wicker material and select kiln dried Western Red Cedar is used for all other components. 
(see Softub Surrounds page)

We were the among the first if not the first to manufacture the hybrid type surrounds in the industry. Our hybrid type surrounds are composed of composite/ recycled plastic and organic fiber material for all the top surface exposed areas and select kiln dried Western Red Cedar for all the structural components and are sealed with a natural tone finish.  

These products meet a growing demand for low maintenance plastic type exterior products but with far more rigidity and structural integrity than the light weight poly resin type material. These surrounds accessories and steps will look new for many years to come. Just enjoy !

Gazebos ?

Gazebos are not a primary product we do however we can do them (and nice ones at that) on a per request basis. Much of our clientele market  the type of spas that call for the more simplistic/ low profile type accessories such as surround decks. 

Our Perspective ?

We are open to consider any ideas the dealers or manufacturers have in mind ! Just let us know ! We operate with a close relationship with our clients and
dealers to be able to meet the needs as to what their own "target markets"
are and what their needs are. If its made out of lumber and or composite
type or lumber related material and the dealers/ manufacturers want to market it on an ongoing basis -- we can do it and probably nicer and at a better price than our competitors. We are also open to consider one time custom projects--just let us know !

Nearby Klickatat River

  Norvant LLC Goldendale,  Washington
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 Our Hybrid surrounds are 
        availible in 3 colors  in a
beautiful embossed wood grain
        (from top to bottom)
     and Slate Gray