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   Softub Surrounds 
   Surrounds that fit the Softub line are some of the main 
   items  we manufacture. We usually have them in stock or 
   can get them out quickly !quickly quickly 

    ( Above)  The SQ2 Surround
    This surround has it all as far as versatility is concerned ! 
    The versatility to efficiently occupy space in a corner  setting or in an open area !  The deck at its   
    widest points on the corners measure over 26 inches for plenty of room for setting drinks on or sitting   
    up on during a spa session !  Also the upper deck section that is between the power pack and step area 
    features a quick release Velcro system for quick and easy access to the power pack area for the purpose 
    of maintenance and draining the spa !
       ( Shown in Western Red Cedar with the Natural tone finish)   Also availble in the Poly Wicker / Cedar

    (at Left)   The Type 4 Surround
                     (a full 8 section deck)

   The Classic Tradional round surround  
   speaks for itself. This layout includes
   the custom cutout section that goes   
   around the power pack. The classic 
   sunburst  pattern woodcraft design is
   a look many Softub and round spa  
   owners have enjoyed for years ! 

  All our surrounds are constructed with 
   screws for lasting durability !

    (at Right)  The Type 3 Surround
                    ( a 7 section deck)

    A number of our dealers prefer
    this surround layout without the 
    power pack cut out section. It is  
    easier for the dealer to move 
    around iand it keep's the price 
    point down !

    (at Left)  The Type 2 surround
                     (a 7 section deck)

    This layout  also rates up there in             popularity. It allows the power pack
    to be easily accessed by the user
    before entering the spa .
Leg Style available in the Curved style as shown or Tapered style.
(scroll down the page for more information)
This is the Tapered Style Leg

Some dealers prefer this style leg for the
surrounds mainly because it matches the
leg style that is in the Softub brochures
or for personal preference.

This leg style is available just contact us
for more details.
On our "piano key" style surrounds such as our Softub Classic round surrounds and our 2 tier wrap around step units where the top deck piece crosses perpendicular to the 
under-structure frame.
All the top deck piece components on these units are constructed with the full 1-1/2 inch material for extra rigidity and good looks !
  Norvant LLC Goldendale, Washington

    Introducing the nicest and most improved low maintenance surround we  
    have ever offered !
        The Poly Wicker-Rattan / Cedar Surround and accessories

    This surround truly has it all ! The classy, smart , clean Poly Wicker decking
    and the warmth of the Western Red Cedar together in a low maintenance
    surround ! The user will surely appreciate this surround as the years pass by 
    and it still maintains its clean /sharp appearance. The dealers will really 
    appreciate the fact that no matter what environment it is in or no matter  
    how much foot traffic it receives it will stay looking clean and nice  
    throughout the duration of the trade shows or on the showroom floor. 
    Just enjoy--that's all !

This Wicker color/pattern shown consist of a deep dark brown/ coffee color with some tan strands and neutral tone strands that although it is a contrast to --it does match well with all the current colors Softub is now offering.

The Wicker material in solid Black
is also available.

Redwood tone
The Classic Traditional Cedar and Cedar SQ2 surrounds are available in Redwood tone, Natural Cedar tone, Natural tone, Mocha and 
Coastal gray. 

Please note: The Natural tone and Natural Cedar tone are very similar. The Natural Cedar tone is just a little darker than the Natural tone.

The Cedar components of the Poly Wicker/ Cedar surrounds are finished in the Natural tone or 
Natural Cedar tone.  (dealers choice) 

To locate a dealer please contact us 
Matching Cafe table
and cushioned bar stools.

Table diameter available
in 2'6" and 3'4" sizes with
an umbrella access hole.

The cushioned stool seats are an extra wide 15" diameter for maximum comfort ! 

The matching storage units are 15"x15"x16" tall. Plenty of room to store the spa chemicals and other spa "nic-nacks".

They also feature
an easy lift off 
waterproof lid !

The cushioned bar stools are at the comfortable height of 24".

​The Table is 33" in height.

The flanged out, pyramid shaped stool leg structure is one of the most rigid types of stool legs by virtue of its design.

The matching Towel Rack features horizontal legs braces for extra support. 
It stands at 5ft tall. 

Our Poly Wicker/ Cedar surround and accessories will very much enhance the users spa experience and will look great
on the patio for years to come !

Dealers you will find these accessories just as useful at your shows and on the showroom floors !

Natural tone

Coastal Gray
This surround is also available in the 
Poly Wicker/ Cedar.
(as shown above)
Western Red Cedar
         for Warmth
     and Natural Beauty !
                                                                                    (at Right)   The Type 1 Surround
​                       (a 6 section deck)   

    This surround layout is easy to move 
    around and is almost a full surround but 
    it provides a lower price point in 2 ways
    because it ships in 2 boxes vs. the 3
    boxes needed for the 7 and 8 section 

Natural Cedar tone
​Our standard colors are the most popular colors we offer, however we are a full service supplier
and we can accommodate you with a large selection of custom solid stain colors below just 
choose one according to the horizontal rows and the vertical column numbers.
​      (an up charge applys for custom color orders)

               1                       2                       3                        4                       5                        6






More custom colors !

           7                   8                   9                   10