About us and how it started and where we are
     Hi, my name is Rob Deitemeyer - the owner, and I have been serving the spa 
industry since 1991. Here’s where I’ve been and how it  all started.
     Being native to the Suburbs of the Los Angeles area  in 1978  I entered the  construction industry ...then after a short hitch in the US Army I resumed the trade of  carpentry in southern California . In the early 1980’s I was involved mostly in production framing, residential and commercial and in the mid to late 1980’s I got involved in high end custom framing and custom finish carpentry  in the west Los Angeles area in the so called “high rent” districts of Beverly Hills and the Malibu areas etc…  Construction and going surfing was the call of the day . It was a blast working on the homes of Hollywood characters , film producers and writers, names you would recognize.  During this time I attained  a general contractors license.  In the recession of 1991 I got involved in the real estate loan industry to further my goal as becoming a real estate developer.  While soliciting the vendors  for refinancing at a flea market one day I met a Softub dealer who had a wood surround deck around a  Softub.  Well that’s where it started and its been a great ride ever since !  I then established my business  in the San Fernando Valley and started networking with the Softub dealers  and branching off to other spa dealers -  Hot Spring, Jacuzzi and so on , and other spa manufacturers from there, offering great quality, great pricing and value and great service and over the years I’ve made it my goal to maintain these  attributes.  In March of 2006 I sold the business and moved to the Northwest to get out of the “rat race” of Los Angeles and was going to (I thought) return to my roots in 
construction as a developer.  Well as fate would have it (of course) it did not work out  for the  person I sold the business to so in January of 2008 I went back into the business  regaining most all of my key former clients, spa dealers and here we are today enjoying the business - building the spa  surrounds  and working with our clients as much as ever !
     When working with us be assured that I / we are doing 110 % on our end to supply you with a quality product at the best price point with fast lead time as well. I built my business with attractive pricing coupled with a good measure of quality and I intend to “stay the course” with innovation and with integrity as we move into the future.
     I  would appreciate the opportunity to serve you and earn your business as well !

                                                                              Rob  Deitemeyer  :-)

Victor Becerra, shop manager
  Norvant LLC  Goldendale, Washington
 Rob Deitemeyer, owner