This Surround is also one of the main items we do !          
             Very Functional and stylish does it all !

                           (Above)  This is our 2 sided wrap around step with barith   (2SWSB)

    This is probably the most popular surround - wrap step layout in the industry ! It does all of what you
    want a surround- wrap system to do. It allows the user to enter the spa at 2 sides and also has a bar
    for dining and socializing and a place to set drinks on and it looks great with the radius craftsmanship !
    Because it only covers 2 sides it can be placed in a corner setting and it keeps the price point down !
  (Shown in Western Red Cedar in the Redwood tone finish)in the Redwood tone finish

                Also available in the Poly Wicker/ Cedar or Hybrid style 
        Please see the "Softub Surrounds" page for Poly Wicker/ Cedar info" page for Poly Wicker/ Cedar info

    Items shown :  1,  42" bar with  2,  24" bar stools /  1,  24" 2 tier step / 1, 2 tier wrap around
                           radius corner step unit /  1, 60" 2 tier step.  (Step treads are 12 inches wide)

Nearby Mt Adams
over 11,000 ft
     Awesome !
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  Norvant LLC  Goldendale,Washington

                  Custom made per order to fit any size spa !
    This wrap - around step system is custom made to fit any rectangle or square spa 
    and any size corner radius or even 90 degree corners. The corner wrap around
    sections are custom made per order. Just specify the make and  model of the spa
    at the time of ordering. Custom colors are available on a per request basis.